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04 Benefits of Matcha Green Tea for Skin Care Regime

Being a superfood, Matcha tea is literally on everyone’s lips. However, this tea isn’t only a superfood but also a great skincare ingredient. Matcha tea powder is considered a natural beauty elixir by many skincare experts.

But why is Matcha tea such a trending beauty ingredient? It’s mainly because of its antioxidant content and refreshing effect. For years, we have been consuming Matcha as tea or by adding it into smoothies or desserts. But now, there’s a new way to benefit from Matcha’s magic – as a beauty element. So in this blog, we’ll talk about benefits of matcha tea for skin and how Matcha tea is great for your skincare regime. In addition, we’ll also learn how to prepare Matcha masks at home. So are you ready to enhance your beauty with Matcha tea for skin care? Let’s get started then!

Benefits of Matcha Tea For Skin

We all wish to have beautiful skin. But unfortunately, wrinkles don’t comply with our desires of staying young. These small villains come, stay for as long as they want, and steal our beauty instantly. But with Matcha tea, they won’t be able to make your face their home for long. So here are some of the skincare benefits of consuming Matcha tea. It’s excellent for the skin, and these benefits prove that.

1 – Anti-Ageing

Matcha tea is a natural energy booster for the skin. Many cosmetic labels have recognised this and have adopted Matcha green tea in their products. According to experts, the nutrients contained in Matcha protect the skin.

Matcha tea contains a high density of antioxidants, which help reduce signs of ageing. In other words, matcha tea acts as a natural anti-ageing treatment for your skin. Matcha tea also stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. These are the proteins that provide skin with firmness and softness. Matcha tea will help you improve your skin without destroying it, just like many cosmetics do.

2 – UV Protection

We have learned that Matcha tea helps prevent ageing. But this green powder can do even more. When processed with face creams, it also prevents skin damage by offering UV protection.

How does that work? Matcha tea contains nutrients like catechin EGCG and polyphenols. These nutrients act as a shield to stop skin damage caused by UV rays. However, we cannot say that such creams replace sunscreens. But, sunscreen mixed with Matcha indeed gives you extra protection that regular cream doesn’t offer. Thus, this so-called “secondary sun protection” is well suited for everyday use when it comes to using matcha tea for skin.

3 – Pimple Protection

UV protection and anti-ageing benefits aren’t everything Matcha offers to your skin. Matcha is also ideal against impure skin. In other words, it helps your skin fight pimples and reduces their effect on your skin effectively.

You might ask – how does Matcha protect your skin against pimples? Matcha tea contains ingredients that provide antibacterial effects and cell protection. If you want to eliminate those pimples, adding Matcha tea to your diet or your face mask is ideal.

4 – Decreases Inflammation

Another great benefit of drinking Matcha tea is reduced inflammation. Matcha tea contains a good content of vitamin K. This vitamin helps in the reduction of eye bags. Moreover, it also offers skin healing, preventing tired eyes from appearing.

Thus, drinking Matcha tea will help reduce bulky eyes, enhancing your appearance. You can also improve Matcha tea’s effect by applying it directly to your face. Applying Matcha tea directly on your face refers to using Matcha tea masks.

Various brands are offering Matcha tea masks of multiple types. You can either purchase ready-made masks or make them at your home. Do you know how to make Matcha tea masks? Keep reading to discover the recipes of Matcha tea masks.

Recipes of Matcha Tea Masks – Heal Your Skin Fast

When matcha tea for skin is concerned, you will find a number of recipes for Matcha tea masks on the internet. But if it’s your first time using these masks, we recommend you start with the following masks. These are convenient to prepare and offer effective results. Go have a look!

Matcha Tea and Honey Mask

Matcha tea and honey mask is a simple recipe. Honey is a base ingredient and gives your mask a creamy texture. This mask is nourishing and moisturising. It’s effective against ageing, and you can use it once a week.


  • 1 teaspoon Matcha tea powder
  • 1-2 tbsp of organic honey


  1. In a small clean bowl, mix honey and Matcha tea powder.
  2. Whisk honey and Matcha powder to obtain a consistent paste.
  3. The paste’s consistency depends on the consistency of the honey. So mix everything well.
  4. After obtaining a uniform paste, you can use it on your face.

How to Apply the Mask

  1. You can apply the Matcha mask directly to the face.
  2. Once you have applied, relax and wait for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Then rinse the mask with warm water.

Honey is always a bit difficult to remove; therefore, wash your face properly.

Matcha Tea and Yoghurt Mask

This recipe is quite similar to the one shared above in the context of matcha tea for skin. The only difference is yoghurt. Instead of using honey, we’ll use yoghurt. When it comes to yoghurt, ensure it’s fresh and organic. Here are the ingredients to prepare this mask.


  • 1 tbsp of Matcha tea powder
  • 2-3 tbsp of yoghurt


  1. Take a clean bowl.
  2. Add Matcha powder and yoghurt to it.
  3. Mix Matcha and yoghurt until you get a thick and creamy paste.
  4. Your Matcha tea and yoghurt mask is ready to use.

How to Apply This Mask

  1. First, wash your face properly.
  2. Once done, spread the paste all over your face.
  3. Relax your face and let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes.
  4. After that, rinse off the mask with warm water.

You can apply this mask twice a day for better results.

Final Words

Matcha green tea powder is excellent for improving skin health by providing various skincare benefits. Although drinking Matcha tea is good for your skin, if you want to extract all the Matcha benefits, try Matcha tea masks.

The masks we have shared are easy to prepare and beneficial for your skin. Try them out, and enhance your skin’s radiance. At last, have a Matchastic day ahead!

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